Resin Based Systems

Demineralization is the process of eliminating mineral salts through water by ion exchange process and ions are loosely held by resin. Here, water passes through several vessels and ion are removed. At the final stage, you are able to get mineral water that is ready to drink.

At Ocean global, we design and manufacture high quality resin based systems to give you mineral water as you need. Our resin systems are always prepared as per international quality standards and product has to pass through stringent quality checks before its final delivery. TO manufacture supreme quality products, we have appointed qualified team of engineers at our plant.

Our research and development team assure most innovative products to clients at industry leading prices. We are able to fulfill special needs and requirements of our clients too. TO know more on our resin based systems and to get custom solutions for the same, contact our expert team right away.


Ionizable groups attached to the resin bead determine the functional capability of the resin. Industrial water treatment resins are classified into four basic categories:

  • Strong Acid Cation (SAC)
  • Weak Acid Cation (WAC)
  • Strong Base Anion (SBA)
  • Weak Base Anion (WBA)

Our Offerings

Major Applications

  • Boilers feed water
  • Textiles
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Chemicals
  • Breweries
  • Swimming pools
  • Potable Water
  • Hospitals
  • Automobile
  • Battery
  • Fertilizers

Typical Application

  • Low And Medium Pressure Boiler Feed Treatment
  • Textile Dyeing Processing
  • Cooling Water Treatment
  • Air Conditioning Plants
  • Food Processing
  • Hotels, Hospitals And Laundry
  • Pharmaceutical
  • RO Pre-Treatment