Breweries & Distilleries Industry

The manufacturing process of breweries and distillers industry uses water in large quantity. At the same time, it generates large amount of waste water that should be handled carefully. IF we talk about distilled process then more than 20 liter of waste water is generated to prepare single liter of ethanol. This is necessary to treat the waste water before it disturbs our environment with harmful pollutants.

For beverage industry, you need to opt for effective effluent management. This will not only make manufacturing process cost effective but environmental friendly too. First of all, there is immediate need to keep check on heavy discharge fines. We have team of expert to help you most complex waste water management techniques and assure maximum return on investments as needed by breweries and distillers industry.

Our extensive experience and constant efforts are the biggest reason why we are different from our competitors. We are able to give turnkey solutions to industries that will help them in various operations. Here is brief list of benefits that you will enjoy when working with Ocean Global -

Benefits of working with Ocean global

  • Reduction in energy costs
  • Discharge costs are minimized
  • Water recovery and total waste water management
  • Environmental friendly operations by our skilled force