Cement Industry

The manufacturing process of cement is taken as dry manufacturing where manufacturers still depends on water to maximize performance of various utilities like oil cooling, compressor cooling and generation of steam.

Here, we will discuss on some of the major critical areas that should be focused on for most efficient and reliable outcome of plant like -

  • The deposition of scale at high temperature and other heat exchange related issues are treated well and controlled by the team.
  • We have fixed slime controlled inside system to keep a close eye on heat exchange value and cooling value of the towers.
  • The suspended solids are controlled by plant at low velocity of heat exchangers
  • The facility of corrosion protection is also given to expand life of plant and its performance.
  • Steal turbines are also protected against excess steam generation released from the boilers.
  • Boiled feed area is maintained properly for maximum purity of water

Our Offerings

  • We assure highly pure water system with defined process treatment.
  • Treatment solutions for waste water and effluent recycling process to get zero discharge
  • O and M facility for various utilities, water systems and BOT contracts