Iron & Steal

Steel mills largely depend on water to suit major areas of plant operations. Water is necessary to cool or quench the steel surfaces through various stages of fabrication processes from rolling to forming. Further, steam is also necessary for heating treatment and other power utilities. Some of the critical areas that should be focused by customers always assure most reliable and efficient operations include -

  • It controls corrosion and fouling issues caused by suspended particles of iron oxide.
  • It also work on rapid corrosion that is caused by grease or oil over steel handling equipments
  • Control of scale deposition caused at high temperature or heat exchange process
  • Suspended solids that generally blocks spray nozzles
  • Boil feed management at low velocity
  • Oil is also separated from waste water before final discharge

With our large industry experience and deep domain knowledge, we go through various stages of manufacturing processes and offer best water treatments as needed by our clients. We always offer turnkey solutions to our clients for trouble free operations and maximum performance at optimal

Our Offerings

  • Effluent treatment for effective water process
  • Boiler feed water
  • Water servicing either for general purpose or cooling tower supplement
  • Process steam recycling for effective treatment of waste water