Biological Treatment

At Ocean global, we offer various biological waste water treatment solutions that can be largely used for industrial applications worldwide. We have appointed trained and experienced staff at our plant well familiar with latest technology trends and waste water treatment processes. We execute each and every process after careful research and observations only.

Some of the most popular biological treatments include – Activated sludge process, MBR (Membrane bio reactor), MBBR (Moving bed bio reactor), FBBR (Fluidized bed bio reactor) and SBR (Sequencing bio reactors) etc. The best technology that we use most of the times is MBBR that can be used for almost any application as you want it.

With more than a decade experience in industry, we assure desired outcomes as needed by our clients. We are one of the oldest technology providers in India offer most innovative solutions to our clients at industry leading prices. TO know more on our biological treatment and to get custom solution as per your requirements, contact our expert team now.