MBBR is latest waste water management techniques that requires less labor force when compared to traditional medial plants. The bacteria removal is also high to make the water pure and hygiene in use. The costs associated with process are also less and it can be completed in less time only. This is one of the highly cost effective water treatments with less maintenance requirements by optimum production of one bio film.

When bio film reacts with bio carriers, it gives automatic response to load fluctuations. The power consumption is also less and work can be completed with ease. The process is user friendly due to availability and features of various MBBR reactors. Sludge can be handled frequently by equipment itself.

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The Advantages of MBBR Plant:

  • This is an advanced type plant requiring very less civil works as compared to conventional plant.
  • Higher BOD/COD Removal
  • The plant does not require dedicated / skilled manpower. This is because the aeration tank has been provided with noncorrosive fluidized media /MBBR Media which acts as site for micro-organism growth.
  • This technology provides cost-effective treatment with minimum maintenance since MBBR processes self-maintain an optimum level of productive bio film. Additionally, the bio film attached to the mobile bio carriers within the system automatically responds to load fluctuations
  • No return activated sludge stream required
  • The cost of civil works is very less and the plot area for construction is also saved.
  • Low power Consumption.
  • Low manpower Cost.
  • Ease of operation and maintenance due to special features of MBBR reactors.
  • Standby units provided for all rotating Equipments.
  • Frequent handling of sludge is avoided.